Chair Yoga Session

Join Ana Giametta for this half hour session of stretching and relaxing Chair Yoga.

Long Distance Reiki Session

Donna Pollin offers Long Distance Reiki, a technique that enables Reiki energy to travel beyond the limitations of time and space. With open loving intention and Reiki symbols, spiritual energy is transmitted without physical touch. 20-minute session.

Energy Immunity Shot

Donna Pollin's 20-minute meditation practice to open the chakras, energy points, and meridians related to the immune system.

Earth Bound Yoga Flow

Join Katie Brunner for a 50-minute multi-level flow session. This grounding flow helps awaken the body while calming the mind. To bring ourselves down from stress, we'll focus on breath work and rooting to our sacred space--the yoga mat.

Yoga Flow Session

Donna Pollin's 50-minute Yoga Flow.

Gentle Yoga and So Hum Meditation

Katie Brunner's 50 minute practice of gentle movements and a calming mediation.