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Meet Kristiana Conti

Kristiana - photo.jpg

I am first and foremost a mom of two boys (first born 2018; second born 2020).


I've been a certified yoga teacher and teaching since 2016, teaching styles ranging from vinyasa (sometimes called flow or power), heated vinyasa, yin, and prenatal. My additional trainings and certifications include kids yoga

(through Kidding Around Yoga) and baby and me.


Striving to create an environment that is welcoming and empowering, I keep two things at the core of each class: breath and tuning in to your body. I offer modifications for poses so all students can learn what feels right for them. In each class, I love to foster connection and authenticity.

I live in Branchburg with my husband and two wonderful children and am a former resident of New York and Chicago.

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