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Finding the Right Yoga Class for You

In order to start, and sustain, a consistent yoga practice, it is important to “grow into yoga” and to take classes that are a good fit for where you currently are in your yoga journey.  


An experienced yogi can appreciate and enjoy the benefits of a gentle or even a beginner class but the inexperienced yoga student might have a less than favorable yoga experience if they start in a class not appropriate for them.


Here are some suggested classes for yoga practitioners at all levels:


Level 1 - Level 1 students are new to yoga and have limited yoga experience. 


Classes for the Level 1 student include:  Gentle/Beginner, Extra Gentle, Slow & Warm, Flow/Restorative, Tai Chi Chih, and Restorative


Level 2 - Level 2 students have consistently taken weekly yoga classes for at least six months to a year and are familiar with basic poses.


Classes for Level 2 students include:  Multi-level, Multi-Level/Core, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle/Beginner, Tai Chi Chih, and Restorative.


Level 3 - Level 3 students have consistently taken yoga for more than a year and have a strong yoga foundation. Any of our classes would be appropriate for Level 3 students, depending on what they are looking for in their practice.

Private and small group classes are also available for people who want a personalized yoga experience, or who feel they can best benefit from individualized instruction. Please contact us via email or phone.      908-707-0759

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